Srm Epicatechin LGD-4033


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SRM EPICATECHIN LGD-4033 by Xcel Sports Nutrition

Epicatechin has been shown in recent scientific studies to be a Myostatin inhibitor. Science shows that deficiencies in Myostatin have effects that include substantial increases in muscle mass without the major side-effects associated with anabolic steroids. Hindering Myostatin’s action should replicate this muscle building effect. Suppressing and eliminating Myostatin allows the increased action of follistatin, which indirectly promotes muscle growth.

LGD-4033 is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). LGD-4033 is likely to produce the same benefits of testosterone with improved safety. This SARM demonstrates anabolic activity in muscles, although still fairly new clinical studies have proved its efficacy. Results of studies show significant increases in lean muscle mass, decreases in body fat and increased strength. Due to the amount of size LGD-4033 can put on it is considered bulk gains.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 90

LGD-4033 12mg *

1-Dehydroepiandrosterone 125mg *

Androsta-3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione 25mg *

5a Hydroxy laxogenin 100mg *

Epicatechin 300mg *

Delivery Blend 40mg *

 5-Hydroxytryptophan, BioPerine

* Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule) and Magnesium Stearate.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule 3 times daily.