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This is a virtual downloadable guide.

Hi, I am Madison! I am going to be your coach throughout this guide. I am a certifiepersonal trainer and a certified functional strength coach. During my time coaching I woulhave clients who were busting their butt in the gym but they werent seeing the results thathey were craving. It made me start digging a little deeper to find out why. I realized that fomyself and my clients, nutrition was the missing link. Staying on top of your nutrition is whais going to move the needle and get you closer to reaching your health and fitness goals.

Imy search I took a look at myself. I had tried every diet on the planet and had been stuck ia vicious cycle of crash dieting followed by binge eating. I wanted to know what it was thahelped me get out of that cycle. I realized that it wasnt because of a specific diet ojuice cleanse…it was because I created healthy habitsThis lead to me becoming a certified sports and exercise nutrition coach.

During my studies I became a huge advocate for healthsustainable habits and intuitive eating. I knew that I finallfound a way to really help my clients make lasting life lonchanges!

This nutrition guide will provide you with all othe information that I use to help my clientachieve balance and happiness. This is only to bused as a guide and a way to take the next stetowards your health and fitness goals. You shoulalways consult your healthcare provider before starting new training or nutrition regimen. By following the protocoin this guide you are doing so at your own risk.

Congratulations on taking the first stein your journey to healthy and happy!

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