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Natural Muscle Building Stack – Arachidonic Acid, PhytoTurk, Blue Ox by Enhanced

Increase your ability to build more quality muscle faster with the Natural Muscle Building Stack. An all natural way to help increase your testosterone levels, get better muscle pumps and endurance, plus better muscle growth, repair, and recovery.

This stack is ideal for those who want to take their training to the next level without having to use prohormones and still want to see a noticeable difference in muscle size, strength, endurance. Although, if you want to use this stack in conjunction with a prohormone you can definitely do so by adding Enhanced 3-AD, one of the strongest on the market.

Enhanced has been putting out quality supplements for years and the brand’s reputation continues to grow. Many new users turn to loyal users of the supplements from Enhanced. We at Black Diamond Supplements carry Enhanced because we feel the products are properly dosed for maximum effectiveness and results at a great price.

Buy your Natural Muscle Building Stack (or two) today and get serious about reaching new levels of strength, muscle mass, and optimized recovery.

Stack includes:

1 bottle Arachidonic Acid – built to help increase muscle mass and recovery

1 bottle PhytoTurk – better muscle growth, muscle repair, and muscle recovery

1 bottle Blue Ox – helps increase testosterone, supports hormone levels, boosts strength and muscle

Directions: Week 1-4 – Arachidonic Acid 4 capsules daily, PhytoTurk 2 capsules daily, Blue Ox 4 capsules daily.

Optional for maximum gains repeat this cycle for weeks 5-8 (2x stack)