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MyoVite Multivitamin – Multimineral Supplement by Myogenix

MYOVITE was formulated for athletes and health enthusiasts to help eliminate nutritional gaps in their diet and supplement regimen. More than just a MultiVitamin MultiMineral formula, Myovite comes complete with Performance Optimizers, Joint Support, Liver Support, Cardiovascular Support, Organic Green Food Nutrients, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, and more.

Nutritional gaps can lead to plateaus, under-performance and fatigue, and increase the risk of injuries and poor health, all of which can be improved through supplementation. Add MYOVITE to your active, healthy lifestyle and experience what a scientifically advanced vitamin can do for you.

How does MYOVITE stack up to the top selling vitamin “PAK”?
– 7 times more Vitamin D
– 2 times more Folate
– 2 times more Biotin
– 22x more Vitamin B12
– 4x better Mineral Absorption

Performance Optimizers: Supports muscular endurance, lean muscle mass and recovery.
Liver Detox: Supports daily liver health and detoxification.
Joint & Tissue Support: Supports healthy joint structures, connective tissue, & helps your body function at an optimal level, day in and day out.
Cardiovascular and Healthy Cholesterol Support: For a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
Vitamin D: The average dose of Vitamin D in multivitamins is severely inadequate at 400 to 600 IU. In fact, despite the wealth of current scientific research, the top selling sport “pak” on the market contains a mere 680 IU. Today, most forward thinking scientists and physicians warn about the potential health disasters regarding Vitamin D deficiencies, and suggest much higher levels than those found in your average multivitamin. This is why Myovite contains 5000 IU of Vitamin D, which ensures you achieve optimal levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D.
Vitamin B12 from Methylcobalamin: A superior form of B12 to support healthy brain and nervous system function, plus energy production.
Brain & Cognitive Support: Nutritional support for memory, mental sharpness, and overall brain functioning.Digestive Enzymes: Supports a healthy digestive system and the assimilation of nutrients.
LactoSpore 15 Billion Probiotic: A stable, spore encased probiotic used to promote stomach and intestinal health.
Organic Green Food Nutrients: Rich in vitamins and minerals, enzymatically active and biologically alive, with high concentrations of chlorophyll and other essential nutrients.
Chelated Minerals: Albion chelated minerals offer up to 4 times greater bioavailability than regular minerals.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 packets per day. Consume one packet with your first meal of the day. Consume the 2nd packet with your post training meal, or with AfterShock Tactical Post Workout Catalyst.