COR-Performance BCAA

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COR-Performance BCAA by Cellucor

BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are considered by many to be the most essential of the nine essential amino acids. These amino acids cannot be produced naturally by the body, and must be supplied from food or dietary supplements. Consuming BCAA’s prior to, during and/or after your workout can help increase muscle protein synthesis, promote faster recovery and support your body’s immune system response to exercise. The BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are provided at a 2:1:1 ratio.

COR-Performance BCAA is a great addition to any stack when great BCAA supplementation is required.

The Key and Only Ingredients: BCAAS

Leucine (3g), Isoleucine (1.5g) and Valine (1.5g)
Play an important role in muscle protein synthesis.
Involved in the growth and repair of muscle tissue.
Supports the body’s immune system response to exercise.
Isoleucine specifically increases glucose uptake into skeletal muscle to support muscular energy.
Instantized for improved solubility in water

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings per Container: 30

Calories 0
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%

Instantized Leucine 3g *
Instantized L-Isoleucine 1.5g *
Instantized L-Valine 1.5g *

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Acesulfame Potassium, Beta Carotene, FD&C Red #40.

Directions: Mix each serving (1 scoop) of Cor-Performance BCAA in 8-12 fl. oz. of cold water or other beverage of choice twice daily. Shake well and consume during or after exercise on training days or you may consume before training as a non-stimulant preworkout.


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