Battle Hardener Kit


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LG Sciences Battle Hardener Kit

The Battle Hardner Kit is for the guy who wants to get serious about getting into amazing shape. This kit includes 17-ProAndro, pBold and Form-XT. When paired with an intense workout program like in the military boot camp, the stack of these prohormones will give you the desire to eat and compete unlike anything else.

You have to eat to grow, it’s that simple. The choice of foods that you pick can have a profound effect on your growth, but you also have to have the desire to eat! pBold is a derivative of the illegal anabolic EQ (equipoise, boldenone) and it imparts lean gains along with increased hunger to help you get the good calories that you need to maintain muscle mass during intense workouts. The typical man trying to put on lean mass will need to consume around 1g of protein per pound of body weight per day. That is a lot of chicken and steak, so the lean mass gainer in pBold will help keep that hunger up while repairing and building.

Muscle density is key to looking good. Muscle density is what gives men that hard, lean look with lots of striations in the muscle. The advanced prohormone, 17-ProAndro, can only be compared to the illegal anabolic Winstrol in effects. In fact, most of our experienced users say specifically that this prohormone feels just like “Winny” when on a cycle. Users report increased muscle density and better recovery which leads to an overall more ripped and lean appearance along with the ability to really hit the gym hard due to increased recovery.

When the cycle is over you need a natural boost in your own testosterone to keep the gains coming, which is why we use Form-XT to blast the boys back into full production. Form-XT has the unique aromatase inhibitor 3,5-Diene along with support nutrients that will help you recover fully and keep those hard earned gains after a cycle.