Andro Cutting Stack


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Andro Cutting Stack – Decabolin, Superdrol, Winstrol for the Ultimate Lean Gains

Stack includes:

Decabolin – Hard, Dry, and Striated Lean Muscle Mass. Helps Increase Strength for Mass Building Cycle.

SuperdrolLean Mass Gains and Strength, added Aggression and Intensity.

WinstrolIncrease Lean Muscle Mass. Quality Strength and Muscle Gains. Increase Hardness and Vascularity.

Arimistane – Prevent any estrogen rebound. Reduce cortisol, raise LH (luteinizing hormone), and increase testosterone levels.


Take all four products (Decabolin, Superdrol, Winstrol, and Arimistane) together. Decabolin and Arimistane take two tablets daily evenly spaced. Winstrol take three tablets daily evenly spaced. Superdrol during days 1- 18 take one tablet daily and days 19-30 take two tablets daily.

It is very important to follow the Andro Cutting Stack with a PCT. We recommend ArimiPlex, but any PCT will work.