1-Testosterone Stack


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1-Testosterone Prohormone Stack – Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

The 1-Testosterone Stack is exactly what you need to maximize your gains, keep your body protected, and maintain your hard earned gains.

This stack includes:

1-Testosterone, a highly anabolic prohormone containing 110 mg per tablet of 1-Andro. It is one of the most effective prohormones ever produced. It will help you build mass and enhance strength. Additionally, it will increase your aggression and intensity.

Laxogenin 100, helps build muscle and/or enhance athletic performance.

Liver-Rx, a revolutionary liver support system.

Arimistane, a post cycle support supplement to rasie testosterone levels, block estrogen and increase muscle hardness.


Days 1-30: Take 1 tablet of 1-Testosterone and Laxogenin 100 two times daily (8-12 hours apart). Take 3 tablets of Liver-Rx daily.
Days 45-60: Take 1 tablet of Arimistane two times daily (8-12 hours apart).