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  VPX/Redline Sports Nutrition and Performance Beverages was founded in 1993 with the goal to produce the highest-grade, university- proven sports nutrition supplements and performance beverages in the world. VPX proudly maintains its distinction as the “Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition” by continually updating and sharing new nutrition products. When it comes to sports nutrition, VPX is the jack of all trades. Whether it’s energy drinks, weight loss supplements, protein bars, or 100% whey protein powder, VPX Sports has a solution that provides help at every level. VPX is guided by the world’s leading authority, author, and developer of performance-enhancing supplementation and physique-altering nutrition, Founder and CEO Jack Owoc. VPX began as Owoc’s own supplement company, where he set out to have the highest standards in manufacturing. From the very first product, VPX was held to an incredibly high standard. He wanted to develop products following the same standards that are followed today in pharmaceutical companies. The name, VPX, stands for Vital Pharmaceuticals. They are committed to quality and only use raw materials that have been brought to the warehouse, quarantined, and then tested for efficacy in their top of the line laboratories. This process ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality. Here, at Black Diamond Supplements, we are happy to offer a wide selection of VPX Sports products available at the best prices. See all that VPX Sports has to offer in our line up below!

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