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REPP Sports was tired of seeing a pre-workout market that was completely oversaturated by non-transparent proprietary blends that did next to nothing. We weren’t going to cut around the corners at REPP Sports. We were completely focused on building products that can help any athlete boost mental focus, increase muscular endurance, and provide skin splitting pumps. 

This is one company that will take you through the process of getting the best physique possible. Popular products like REPP Sport’s ArimiVar helps build dense muscle that captures the aesthetic of Greek gods of old and turns your mush into marble. Need to burn off the fat and get down to the muscle you’re building? Their Raze Fat Burner boosts your metabolism with potent thermogenics. Raze ups the ingredient innovation with Kigelia Africana Extract – this powerhouse floods your system with dopamine and noradrenaline, resulting in a glowing burst of energy like nothing before. Appetite Assassin, found in Citrus Aurantium extract, kick starts your metabolism while suppressing appetite. The result is superior thermogenesis and energy expenditure.

REPP also covers your pre-workout needs with formulas like Sports Reactr. Another best-seller, Reactr was created to be the new phase of pre-workouts, with the most powerful stimulants available on the market today. Reactr is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll crush through workouts with radiant energy and explosive pumps more powerful than ever, all with long-lasting effects due to the Reactr precision-engineered time-release system.

Check out the Black Diamond Supplements selection of the REPP Sports formulas that will be your new favorites. You’ll find the right addition to your supplement stack below, all at the best prices.

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  • ArimiVar Estrogen Blocker



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  • Raze Extreme Fat Burner



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  • Raze Mass Caps Muscle Builder

    Raze Mass Caps


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  • Broken Arrow Pre-Workout

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  • Raze Turkesterone+ Elite Muscle Builder

    Raze Turkesterone+


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  • Raze Ecdysterone+ Anabolic Agent

    Raze Ecdysterone+


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  • HydroxyElite Extreme Diet Aid



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  • EPH 100 Fat Burner

    EPH 100


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  • Dianabol by Hi-Tech Pharma



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  • Deca-Durabolin Hi-Tech Prohormone



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  • Protropin - Growth Hormone



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  • Sale! 3-AD Prohormone by Enhanced



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