Psycho Pharma

Psycho Pharma welcomes serious athletes who are tired of watered-down, overpriced, and overhyped supplements and energy drinks. In the beginning, their founders went into battle against the limitations others tried to place on their abilities to keep innovating new products. We strive to provide our customers the very best ingredients and products there is to offer.   Since 2016 Psycho Pharma has been a brand that served and was designed for young, aggressive, and hard-working lifters and gym junkies. Today, Psycho Pharma is a fast-growing innovative company that creates its aggressive formulas to be better than run of the mill products. Compare their products to others, and you’ll find that there’s a psycho amount of experimentation, matched with a desire to make better products than what’s available out there while staying compliant with FDA rules and regulations. All Psycho Pharma products are made in an FDA registered manufacturing facility that follows cGMP standards, with assays on each ingredient and COA’s/batch records kept for every run. They’re serious about their quality - at Psycho Pharma, they trace every lot number from the beginning of manufacturing to the end-user. The company is registered with the state of California’s Department of Public Health Food and Drug branch.   Explore the Black Diamond Supplements selection of the most popular Psycho Pharma formulas below, at the best prices. You’ll find that they stack easily with your existing supplements, or create your own perfect stack from their range of effective products. Pre-workout, post-workout, or burning fat in your off-hours - they have the strength and efficacy you’re looking for.

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