Phat Lab sums up their sports drink approach as “No Rules, Energy, and Flavor”. There has been much anticipation for PhatLab’s product launch, and finally, you can get your hands on their energy drink and fat burner supplement G-Crak here at Black Diamond Supplements.   New formulas will join the first of the company’s offerings in the sports supplement world, but their flagship product is their Phat Lab Energy Mix: The “New-School” Energy Drink. This is an energy drink powder created to provide you continued energy and REAL focus...but still with the carbonation you desire! It’s got a delicious Blueberry Lemonade flavor with just the right amount of fizz. This mix has slight carbonation to make the flavor more refreshing and unlike any other energy powder in the industry.   These sports drinks are packed with the kind of power you need for your workouts. G-Crak delivers energy, fizzle, and pop, which is an experience, unlike any other. This tasty drink powder is designed to deliver sustained energy that makes your day more productive, and your gym time stops dragging. G-Crak is not just for the avid gym-goer, however! This is a supplement for anyone who needs a boost of energy throughout their day. Whether you are at work, at a skatepark, at the gym, or out running errands, you can benefit from the energy that G-Crak will provide for you.   Not only will G-Crak give you that beloved energy boost, but it will also help with weight loss utilizing Acetyl L-Carnitine, which can help increase metabolism. It’s a complete package containing L-Tyrosine and Taurine to help athletes focus, reduce oxidative stress, and aid in delivering fatty acids to cells’ mitochondria to be broken down for energy.   Another ingredient you will find in G-Crak and you won’t find in many others is enXtra. This patent-pending ingredient has been proven to increase mental alertness and focus with or without caffeine. It became known as the caffeine amplifier. Working with G-Crak’s big dose of caffeine, this creates one powerful motivational source and fat burner. 

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