With over 20 years in the industry, MHP knows what it takes to create elite athletic results. From the lab to the playing field, their development teams help create real results for leading professional, collegiate, and everyday performance athletes worldwide. With roots in the bodybuilding world, MHP has been a hardcore player in the sports nutrition world since the beginning. Every sport and every athlete can benefit from the competitive advantages that their lineup offers. Ready to address your body’s needs before, during, and after your intense workouts? MHP has superior formulations to cover all the bases. The company balances research and consumer feedback to create the kinds of products you’ll love. With a special focus on taste and palatability for their drink mixes, MHP applies advanced technology flavoring to their powdered blends. Every formula gets extensive testing and taste evaluation before it ever hits the market. There’s no need to dread your refreshment options at the gym!  MHP is further committed to maximizing sports performance with formulas that offer faster delivery of supportive and replenishing ingredients. You’ll always receive the optimized ratios of carbohydrates, herbal extracts, and more. Whether you’re looking for energy and thermogenic effects for your workout, or the support you need for maximum muscle protein synthesis, you’ll receive maximum benefits. Every MHP product is tailored to a specific need. Their famous T-Bomb test booster sets the standard for effectiveness in the industry. Each MHP formula is designed to work with maximum efficiency, whether it addresses bulking up, shedding water weight, or overall vitamin and mineral support. Find your favorite MHP product below in Black Diamond Supplements selections.

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