JNX Sports

JNX Sports is a hardcore brand providing an amazing product range with incredible attention to detail. With JNX Sports, you can be assured there is extensive quality testing and a quality guarantee. If you seek exceptional performance from your supplements with a solid reputation, step up to JNX Sports.   JNX Sports made its debut into the high-performance supplement market with the introduction of The Curse! - their famous pre-workout drink mix. The Curse! is widely seen as one of the best pre-workout supplements on the planet, but JNX didn’t rest on their laurels. Today, their lineup of powdered mixes target the diverse needs of the fitness community. Looking for the most powerful pre-workout blends, all with fantastic flavors and the type of power you need as you crack plates and finish workouts with energy to spare? Black Diamond Supplements carries the JNX Sports mixes you want, all at the best prices possible.    Add power and focus to your workout with The Shadow!, blended to help you stay in the zone through the toughest gym sessions. Or, get into the upper ranges of powerful thermogenics with The Ripper!, with the perfect amount of caffeine per serving, controlled energy, and the power to help you fight off cravings. All of the JNX Sports mixes are formulated for a kick of instant energy, with full-strength ingredients that get to work right after your first dose. And, with their range of tasty flavors, you’ll be able to find a favorite one for every product you add to your daily pre-workout prep. Try out all of the JNX range from our selection below.

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