Founded in 2010 by Alan and Juliet Barratt, Grenade had a simple goal:  to create an iconic weight-loss product that would make them the best-known brand in the Sports Nutrition world. Their first product showed results so effective, it was described as having an explosive impact, “like a grenade.” This is where the product became named Thermo Detonator, and Grenade was born as a brand. Today, Grenade products are available in over 80 countries, and their multi-award-winning product range has expanded. With their attention to bringing cutting-edge sports nutrition to their customer base, they’ve created some incredible formulas that help you blast through your workouts and crash the plates. From pre-workout to recovery enhancers like BCAAs and anti-catabolic supplements, Grenade has you covered.  Black Diamond Supplements carries the most popular products in this serious lineup for serious people. Grenade embraces their manifesto never to compromise and to deliver the highest quality supplements to their customers: from high-performance athletes to weekend warriors or elite military. If it’s good enough for these users, it’s also going to help every athlete achieve more. Get more from every workout, run, and gym session as you burn away the fat, achieve the hard, lean muscle you’re targeting, and maintain the energy you need to perform.  Get ready to fire up your workouts and throw some serious weight around at the gym. The entire Grenade lineup is fantastic and can be incorporated into any supplement stack. Depend on Black Diamond Supplements to offer the selection you need at the best prices possible. 

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