Core Nutritionals

Founded by drug-free pro bodybuilder Doug Miller, Core Nutritionals is built on an everyday adherence to their CRUSH IT® mentality. Doug personally oversees the selection of the most effective and highest quality ingredients. His line of supplements and designs formulas that are effective for both elite and “weekend-warrior” athletes. The Core Nutritionals lineup is based on results and transparency. You won’t see secret “proprietary” blends or fillers in their products. If you’re looking for accuracy in ingredient lists, Core Nutritionals is the real deal. No trace amounts, no cutting corner on costs with insufficient amounts of ingredients. CN utilizes modern, cutting-edge compounds and traditional herbs to create a balanced approach to delivering hardness. With a background in biochemistry, Doug Miller even backs up product claims with blood work results. You can count on Core Nutritional products being manufactured in the U.S. and cGMP facilities. Depend on these products for maximized results, the major fuel for your workouts, and most importantly, the type of body you’re working for every day in the gym. Core Nutritionals is designed by bodybuilders for bodybuilders. They’ve been promising “No Pixie Dust” since 2005. The complete Core Nutritional product line addresses all your supplement needs, from immune support to fat burning and energy conversion. If you’ve wondered if your fitness goals' missing component was your supplement choice, Core Nutritionals can help you break through greatness. Source the best Core Nutritionals products at the best prices from Black Diamond Supplements. They’re ready to help you reach the level of fitness, energy, leanness, and density that have been eluding you in the past. Get ready to Crush It with one of our selections.

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