Controlled Labs

In early 2005, Controlled Labs was founded with the goal of producing the highest quality products at a price that customers could afford. Their stellar reputation still stands, and Controlled Labs has some of the most effective enhancing supplements available. As a company, Controlled Labs refuses to make any unproven claims and depends on its products’ results in regular use with real athletes. Dedicated bodybuilders and athletes benefit from the Controlled Labs sports supplements collection of testosterone stimulators, pre-workouts, buffered creatinines, and recovery formulas, knowing that they are fully tested and safe. Controlled Labs products have always been manufactured in a GMP certified plant, ensuring that quality comes first in producing their health supplements. In addition, it assures their loyal customers that there are no banned or illegal hormones produced in the same facility.  In this manufacturing set-up, there is no chance of cross-contamination.  The company’s diligence is important not only to drug tested athletes but also for amateur users and fitness enthusiasts. Controlled Labs is serious about preventing potential health issues that could be associated with undeclared hormones and protecting their customers. The Controlled Labs ingredients found in the formulas are listed on each product label. With any Controlled Lab supplement, you can be assured that the product is free from steroids, androgens, ephedra, and any other banned substances or drugs and that you are receiving exactly what is printed. Shop the Black Diamond Supplements category below to find the best and most popular supplements at the lowest prices.

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